Aquiler Bici Gravel
Why rent a gravel bike and not a mountain bike or a road bike?

The bike routes through Girona are a perfect option to spend a great day in the company of friends and family. The perfect combination of sport, fun, and nature that is enjoyed much more on the back of a real gravel bike.

Rent Gravel Bike

If you are a lover of routes and cycling in equal parts, you have probably already used a mountain bike for some of your escapades. Well, let us tell you that doing these routes on a gravel bike will be much more special. And it is that the gravel bikes that you can rent at Bikifeelings are specially designed to make these journeys in a very comfortable way and access places that would be impossible to reach with other bicycles.
Do you know what makes gravel bikes different? Although at first glance all mountain bikes may seem the same, nothing is further from the truth. The wheels of the gravel bikes are wider and have different patterns than the rest of the bikes, which allows greater stability and grip on uneven terrain like the ones you can find on the routes that we design at Bikifeelings so that you can discover Girona from the funniest way.

Renting a gravel bike: haven’t we convinced you yet?

In addition, gravel bikes offer different speeds, which helps the cyclist to adapt to any type of terrain, thus facilitating the ability to travel through all the stages of the routes discovering unique places.
Gravel bikes are fast and light while offering great stability. For this reason, we recommend renting a bike with these characteristics if you are going to make a route through different terrains and that presents certain difficulties. This will make you enjoy the full adventure safely and with all the advantages that a machine with these characteristics offers you.
At Bikifeelings, in addition to designing bike routes adapted to your preferences and level, we can also advise you on the type of bike you should choose and we will offer you some guidelines so that you can get the most out of both the bike and the route. In addition, at Bikifeelings you will find all the necessary equipment to feel comfortable with each pedal stroke.
We are experts in creating unique routes with which to discover everything that Girona has to offer us. Therefore, you can count on us to plan the perfect getaway. Try gravel bikes and discover the advantages of riding the best landscapes and trails on a bike so versatile that it adapts wherever you want to go.

Reserve your route and your gravel bike with Bikifeelings now, we are looking forward to proposing new paths and goals with which you will not only put yourself to the test but also, you can keep in your memory forever.

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