Bikefeelings Day: bike routes

Bike routes: gas to the pedals!

If there is something that unites us at Bikefeelings, it is precisely that, the passion for sport, for nature, for healthy living and for discovering every corner of Girona on the back of a bicycle.
For this reason, we believe that the best way to spread that energy that invades us and for which we work every day at Bike Feelings, is to share it in a special day where we can get together and enjoy everything that this activity offers us. This is how our first Bikefeelings Day was born last year.

This year, we will celebrate the first (of several!) on March 20 and the bike routes will be the protagonists of this great day. We will get to know the most hidden and surprising corners of Girona along a route in which we can find up to 1000 meters of difference in level. Quite an adventure!

rutas en bici

But at Bikefeelings we want to count on everyone, that’s why we will divide these bike routes into two levels so that you can participate in this activity by choosing the group that best suits your needs and thus be able to enjoy every kilometer traveled.

You can now sign up for Bikefeelings Day, we are preparing and taking care of every detail. For this reason, your registration for Bikefeelings Day includes everything you need to make the day perfect and make you feel like a true professional.

We will start the day with a breakfast from Rustik, the food will come from Maurten and when we reach the end of the route a physiotherapist will be ready to assist us so that our arrival at the finish line is more comfortable and we can recover immediately if we need any kind of of assistance.

Registration for Bikefeelings Day also includes the Sanum jersey and a pack from Maurten. Just what you need to carry out these bike routes through Girona!

Bike toursRemember that we are experts in designing incredible routes and in discovering places that are otherwise impossible to reach. Bikefeelings Day is the best excuse to get going and get to know new routes and landscapes. A different Sunday awaits you at the gates of the beginning of spring.

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